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DMT143 & DMT143L (Long) – Miniature Dew Point Transmitters

Model: DMT143 & DMT143L (Long)

for OEM applications


Miniature size dew point transmitters DMT143 and DMT143L are ideal choices when you want to measure dew point accurately in small compressed air dryers, plastic dryers, additive manufacturing and other OEM applications. They are easy to integrate and can be used in Vaisala handheld meter DM70. The long version has replaced the DMT242.

  • Vaisala DRYCAP® technology with auto-calibration
  • Fast response time
  • Dew point measurement range -70 … +60 °C (-94 … +140 °F)
  • Accuracy ±2 ºC (±3.6 ºF)
  • Withstands condensation
  • Compatible with Vaisala DRYCAP® Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70
  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • LED alarm for exceeded dew point level


Key benefits

  • Convenient size – Miniature size dew point probes eg. small industrial dryer application.
  • Low  maintenance costs – Stable measurement enables long calibration intervals saving maintenance cost.
  • Easy to use – Analog output options, easy servicing and date transfer. Compatible with handheld meter DM70.


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


The 4000 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8ppm.

The 4000 Series builds on the trusted reliability of the 3000A series, offering an updated user interface accessed through a large 7″ capacitive touch screen to enable advanced functionality, including a built-in procedure mode and inbuilt connection prompts to minimize errors.

Procedures can be loaded into the 4000 Series via USB memory stick, with results stored for integration back into ProCal software. The 4000 Series also provides USB printer connectivity as standard, supporting a wide range of PCL compatible printers. Reports can be printed directly from the calibrator – ideal for in-situ or on-site applications.


  • 0 – 1000V DC / AC Voltage
  • 0 – 30A DC / AC Current
  • Variable Resistance up to 1GOhm
  • Variable Capacitance to 100mF
  • 1Hz – 10MHz Frequency
  • AC current maximum frequency 30kHz
  • Options to calibrate oscilloscopes to 6.4Ghz
  • Range of external accessories to increase workload
  • USB and GPIB interface fitted as standard
  • Removable Handles


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

CA310, Multifunction Sensor with Large Electroluminescent Display

Kimo’s CA 310 contains a multifunction sensor with interchangeable probes and a large display. It can measure three parameters (for example humidity, temperature and pressure).



  • Alternating display of one to three parameters
  • One input for an interchangeable probe
  • Location for SPI-2 or MVA interchangeable board
  • Three audible and visual (dual-color LEDs) alarms
  • Three analogue outputs (4 wires) 0/5-10 V or 0/4-20 mA and three reverse relays
  • Adjustment certificate



  • Units : °C, % RH, Pa, ppm, m/s, hPa, mA, V, m³/h
  • Alarm : 3 visual and audible alarm


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge, SPMK 700

High accuracy digital pressure gauge –  Standard pressure gauge for calibration.



  • Pressure range: to 36,000 psi (2500 bar)
  • Accuracy: ±0.02%FS, ±0.05%FS, ± 0.1%FS , ±0.2%FS optional
  • Connector: Based M20X1.5 ,optional
  • Application: used with calibration pump
  • Accessories: sealing rings
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Dimension: 120x45mm
  • Communication: RS232
  • Power: battery or adaptor
  • Screen: big screen with back light


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

Pressure level transmitter 711

The level sensing pressure transmitters of type 711 with a relative pressure measuring cell have an adjusted and amplified sensor signal. Cable length from 3 to 300 meters as well as ex-versions and versions with drinking water approval are available.



  • Ex-version available
  • High accuracy
  • Large variety of cable length (3 to 300m)
  • Low pressure ranges
  • Sea water resistant



  • Medium : Fluides
  • Pressure range : 0…0.1 – 16 bar
  • Output : 4…20 mA
  • Accuracy : <0.3% fs
  • Electrical connection : Cable in several lengths


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)


Differential pressure transmitter 699

These pressure transmitters type 699 are available in switchable pressure ranges and with digital device or Modbus. The full-version includes customer specific adjustment possibilities. Especially  developed sensors for each pressure range allow a physically correct and long term stable measurement.
The large variety offers a manifold use in the air-conditioning technique as well as for fine measurement in industry or medical applications.



  • Available with or without LCD display
  • Adjustable measurement range
  • Switchable output signals
  • Switchable response curve (linear or root-extracted)
  • Full scale adjustable
  • Application at over and low pressure range possible
  • Fast, easy mounting. Housing incorporates integral bracket for wall or ceiling mouting
  • Resettable Zero Point (Reset button)



  • Medium : Air and neutral gases
  • Pressure range : -1…1 mbar / 0…0.3 – 50 mbar
  • Output : 0…10V, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA
  • Accuracy : <0.5% fs
  • Electrical connection : Screw terminals
  • Pressure connection : Hose connector Ø 6.2mm
  • Screw mounting


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

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